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9:16 PM Pierce Shahi does anyone know what kind of question they ask
9:16 PM thiS-Side Up how's coding r n?
9:16 PM Pierce Shahi @Democide Don javascript , laravel
9:17 PM Democide Don @Pierce Shahi Going to have to ask someone else here. I'm more on the R, SQL, and Python side
9:17 PM Democide Don @thiS-Side Up R is fun. I'm re-learning it for about the 4th time. Trying to get into Data Science and out of Data Analysis so I'm taking this head-on
9:18 PM Pierce Shahi @Democide Don thanks anyway
9:19 PM Democide Don @Pierce Shahi You bet. I only know really basic JS. WIsh I could help more man
9:30 PM Далер Дадоджонав who is programmer?
9:36 PM Code Trigger the one who write codes to make something valueable
9:45 PM Prachi Chouksey hello
9:50 PM Eve 2045 Speed running my 2 comp sci assignments tmr, wish me luck 💀
9:54 PM Huy Hùng Đỗ hello all
9:55 PM Prachi Chouksey @Eve 2045 Best of luck!
9:59 PM Junior Rivers It's 1 A.M. here. I can't stop coding.
10:00 PM Prachi Chouksey @Junior Rivers Very good, Keep COding!
10:06 PM Darshan hello
10:07 PM Darshan @junior rivers do u live in us
10:10 PM Diñesh Talwadker yo
10:12 PM WIREBOARD A leetcode question a day keeps the unemployment away
10:34 PM RANA TURGUT what are you doing
10:46 PM Amit ❤
10:46 PM Pookie Would we agree that anybody can learn to code
10:46 PM Amit yes.
10:47 PM Boring Videos lets code
10:48 PM Pramod upadhyay document.write("lets code");
10:51 PM Russell Bowden Funny == True
11:01 PM Arabhaya hey guys good morning
11:06 PM Boring Videos what language u guys coding in
11:06 PM Pookie this song always pulls me out of the chill vibe
11:07 PM Boring Videos im doing java
11:07 PM Amogh Mittal c#
11:07 PM Amogh Mittal Unity
11:07 PM Pookie algorithms & data scructures in C this sem
11:08 PM Arabhaya javascript react native android dev
11:16 PM Lovely Sam android and Flutter developer
11:24 PM ПростоЛень golang
11:26 PM Wahyu Ramadhan Javascript
11:28 PM shinnytom algorithm and data structures in python
11:32 PM RainySuggest Java
11:33 PM Chirag Singh binod
11:33 PM FIKO FERNANDO pusing cok coding
11:33 PM Далер Дадоджонав who is programmer
11:33 PM ScintillatioNation what do yall think of cs50
11:38 PM Bryan Lon I've been thinking abt cs50 too
11:38 PM Andrew java developer
11:43 PM FeOX C++
11:43 PM Umesh Dhaked GoLand developer.
11:43 PM Nosu Nosuba I'm a programmer
11:43 PM Umesh Dhaked *GoLang
11:44 PM Nosu Nosuba Mainly java for now
11:45 PM Umesh Dhaked java takes 10 min for something that can be written in 2 min in other languages.
11:47 PM Shivendra Hada 12345
11:48 PM Nosu Nosuba might be, but it's pretty formal coherent and robust
11:49 PM RainySuggest can I make a website using only javascript, or do I need HTML and CSS?
11:49 PM Nosu Nosuba With React.js and Taiwindcss you can abstract from most of HTML and CSS code writting
11:52 PM Boring Videos @Umesh Dhaked that is true :), people still use java mainly for its wide compatibility and robustness
11:52 PM Boring Videos I am thinking to pick up kotlin, u guys think its a good idea?
11:53 PM Lovely Sam yes i suggest kotlin ti develop android apps
12:04 AM Ritesh flutter vs react js which will be easy for a beginner
12:05 AM Nathan Reeve react js is where I started and I found it pretty simple
12:05 AM Ritesh anyone there?
12:05 AM Ritesh react native 😅
12:06 AM Nathan Reeve Haha I would say that react is more wide spread just because it is older, flutter came out this year
12:06 AM Wizard learning elixir right now
12:06 AM Arabhaya hey I'm also from react native
12:06 AM Wizard I'm from Java
12:06 AM Nathan Reeve C++ if were going back to the beginning
12:07 AM Nathan Reeve Flutter is a Dart language which you should also consider. If you want to work for very niche companies it is worth doing but there is a lot of people who believe Dart ended up being a bit of a flop
12:08 AM Ritesh how can I enhance my problem solving skills....for competitive coding DSA...
12:09 AM Kartikey Srivastav hey, i am an aspiring software in engineer. what language do i chose to get a job in bid tech companies
12:09 AM Nathan Reeve If you want to work on problem solving and algorithms with a web based language I would recommend Python. I started in C++ which is also good for that kind of practice
12:09 AM Nathan Reeve When you say big tech company do you have specific one in mind or just generally?
12:11 AM Nathan Reeve If you are looking to work as a software engineer you should focus not only on the programming languages but also on your team leadership, development, algorithms, and problem solving skills
12:11 AM Nathan Reeve @Kartikey Srivastav
12:11 AM Kartikey Srivastav thank you so much nathan
12:12 AM Nathan Reeve No problem. With actual languages I would recommend C or C++ as base languages since they are some of the oldest and most complicated. If you want to focus on web development then Java or Python
12:12 AM Wizard He's correct
12:13 AM Kartikey Srivastav ok
12:13 AM Wizard Those languages provide some stuffs to work around in the programming world
12:14 AM vez cavezz i was banging my head on my table until i played this
12:15 AM RainySuggest How much do I need to wait until I get and internship with Python?
12:18 AM Abhinav Kaura You need to wait till your skills are at the level of an internee. Make some cool projects using Py and put them on a portfolio if you haven't already. Someone will definitely notice you.
12:19 AM Abhinav Kaura If no one does post your awesome portfolio, just keep applying while simultaneously sharpening your skills.
12:19 AM Kaij1 / ah yes,we had Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and American lofi girls,now we have JomaTech'eese one😌
12:21 AM Nathan Reeve I would say that you should also apply even if the requirements for the internship seem way beyond what you know. A lot of tech companies will post some pretty insane things in intern/job post
12:21 AM Abhinav Kaura Or not even have internship positions, but a nicely drafted cover letter, or an email to the right person, will sometimes get you a position that's not listed.
12:22 AM Nathan Reeve Exactly, its you would be surprised by the number of companies willing to work with a earnest beginner
12:22 AM Zherto Agree!
12:26 AM Da Vinci Hey Guys
12:30 AM Pookie I was under the impression that most promising companies are so spoilt for choice that they are often finding talented labour for free
12:30 AM Pookie Harder to say of software dev? ^
12:38 AM Vince Gilligan bust down
12:38 AM Gold Berg sexy
12:38 AM MONKE hi guys
12:39 AM Nich C. Does anyone know when a university graduate can't apply for graduate roles anymore?
12:39 AM MONKE wut??
12:39 AM Da Vinci @Pookie You know want the companies will even spend time for converting a non tech to a dev, but wont even look to us, All for cost cutting
12:40 AM MONKE haven't seen The Tech Lord in many days